Dine Diaspora is a contemporary lifestyle and events company that creates dynamic experiences around food, culture, and heritage. Invested in using food as a mechanism for connecting people, Dine Diaspora designs and enhances events with creative cultural elements. The company promotes heritage cuisine by highlighting African diaspora culinary talent. With each experience, Dine Diaspora seeks to impact diversity within the culinary industry. 

What  we  do

The Chef’s Studio

A culinary event featuring renowned chefs and culinary creatives who tell their stories through food. A seated dining affair, Chefs Studio presents an opportunity to explore food prepared by these dynamic chefs.

Chop Bar

“Chop Bar” is a local West African phrase for makeshift small restaurants where people gather over food, music and positive vibes. This encapsulates Dine Diaspora's pop-up food experience where attendees enjoy tasty bites from our featured chef, drink a bit, dance a lot & have a grand ole time. 


Client Services

Whether you are hosting a social event or your next fundraiser, we will work with you to develop and execute an event strategy that is tailored to your needs. We will ensure your next event is a dynamic experience with a Dine Diaspora flair.

Dine Diaspora Signature Dinner

Through intimate gatherings, our invitation-only Signature Dinners connect African diaspora leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to grow their networks with like-minded peers across various sectors while celebrating the diverse culinary expressions of the African Diaspora.

Dish & Sip: Conversations with Cravings

A speaker series that provides a platform for discussion and insight into the lives, experiences, and impact of global leaders while enriching connections through food, culture, and heritage.

Join us on our next culinary adventure!