5 Foodie Moments from #ChopBarDC

On August 28th, Dine Diaspora hosted a pop-up dining experience called “Chop Bar” in Washington, DC . “Chop Bar” is a local West African phrase for makeshift small restaurants where people gather over food, music and positive vibes. This encapsulates Dine Diaspora’s Chop Bar experience where attendees enjoyed tasty bites from our featured chef — Chef Jonathan Harris.

1. The Chop Bar experience kicked off with our signature drink,“ Don’t Mind Your Mama”- a way of saying….kick off your shoes, relax, get a drink and don’t worry about your mom judging you today.

2. There was PLENTY of food. Chef Jonathan Harris curated a 4 course menu that celebrated the diverse culinary expressions of the Caribbean. Dishes on the menu included: Mumbo Shrimp & Grits, Trinidadian Street Corn, Pulled Jerk Chicken Sliders, and Trenchtown Penne. You are probably wondering… Mumbo Shrimp and Grits? Yep, that’s Chef Harris’ homage to DC’s popular mumbo sauce.

3. Cool Pine (the awesome pineapple) was the unofficial guest of honor at the event. It’s safe to say he’s a ladies’ man and a foodie magnet. He’s looking for more friends, find him on social media: #coolpine

4. Also on the menu was Pulled Jerk Chicken Sliders. Nuff said.

5. And finally, all those smiles summed up the Chop Bar experience. People ate well, drank, danced a bit, and made some new foodie friends.

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