Beyond the Art, the Chale Wote Festival is a Foodie’s Dream


Dine Diaspora landed in Ghana just in time for the one of the most anticipated events held in Accra -The Chale Wote Street Art Festival. This year’s event, held from August 14th to 20th in Accra’s Jamestown neighborhood drew crowds of diverse people eager to see and experience the wide array of alternative artistic expression. The event promotes different types of art, from music and performance art, to visual art, and provides an opportunity to showcase Ghana’s local artist as well as international artists.

Along the festival route, food vendors lined the streets giving off aromas that drew us closer and closer to their dishes. Five dishes and creative takes on familiar food and drinks caught our eyes and captured our tastebuds.   

1. Chichinga (Meat Kebabs)  

 Ask a Ghanaian about a chichinga, and they will be quick to point you to the nearest street vendor selling the juicy meat kebab doused in a flavorful spice called “chininga powder.” This dish was popular along the festival route and was the perfect dish for silencing our hungry stomachs throughout the parade.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.59.43 PM.png

2. Katicake (Peanut Snack)     

What struck us about this peanut snack called Katicake that was being made by a local food vendor was its freshness.  The sweet smell of the hot peanuts mixed with hot sugar was enough to draw us closer to the hard working woman behind it. She cut the dish into careful slices while festival attendees had a pick of how much they wanted to take with them.   


3. Watermelon Cupped Drinks

This growing trend of watermelons being used as cups for drinks was on display at the Chale Wote Festival. Attendees had a choice of getting the colorful watermelon cups with their choice for juices or alcoholic beverages.  This tropical delight was a hit with attendees intrigued to try the drinks.  


4. Calabash Cupped Drinks

If you know anything about calabashes in Ghana, you are aware that they have traditionally been used to serve akpeteshie (a locally made alcoholic beverage). At the festival, a food vendor used calabashes to serve all types of drinks.  We couldn’t get enough of the drinks and the reimagining of how and what calabashes can be used for.

20170819_151921 (1).jpg

5. Whiskey on Wheels

For those looking for something strong to drink, Jameson was on hand with their dapper dressed bikers who had Whiskey available on their bikes.  The creative display of the drinks made it easy to access the whiskey along the entire festival route, as the bikers drove from one end to the other.