Chef Jonathan Harris


Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Harris’ interest in food was sparked by his father who is a professional chef and restaurateur.  Sourcing from his Costa Rican and Southern American heritage, Jonathan creates mouthwatering dishes that fuse elements of his heritage together in creative ways. Jonathan has worked for top food establishments in the New England area and has over 15 years of experience cooking for notable individuals. Jonathan's philosophy on food can be described as "making memorable foods to create memorable moments."

Culinary Cognoscente Essie Bartels 



Essie Bartels'  love affair with spices began as a little girl, at the age of 8 cooking alongside her mother and grandmother; with recipes passed down from generations. As Essie's experiments with spices grew, so did the demand for her homemade sauces that uniquely flavor any meal. Essie draws inspiration from her upbringing in Ghana, West-Africa and her travels around the world to over 18 countries. As a culinary cognoscente, Essie's  cooking features her Essiespice Collection of sauces and spices that bring her dishes to life.

Chef Dadisi Olutosin


Chef Dadisi Olutosin, a French trained chef, is a lover of wine, coffee, people and a bit of an iconoclast. He was raised on the foods of West Africa and the American South. Over the years, he's come to incorporate Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latin, and Western European elements into his eclectic cuisine. His food, as he calls it, is gourmet comfort food and soul fusion with an international twist. Basically, he cooks whatever he feels and works to bring people together by tearing down cultural barriers through good wholesome food. Food is his passion and soon you will come to experience it for yourself. 

Chef Eric Adjepong



Chef Eric Adjepong was born and raised in New York City. A first generation Ghanaian-American, Eric sources a lot of his flavors from the foods he grew up eating. Sound techniques, bold flavors and creativity are what drive his passion for food. Having lived in three different continents, Eric's inspiration comes from various cultures and regions of the world.